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Wedding References

Life's Realities

Getting married

So many things in life are inevitable. Death, taxation, motor insurance (you can buy cheap car insurance from the really cheap car insurance site!) are examples. Marriage, however, is completely optional in most parts of the world, but it still shows no sign of dying out!

Wedlock or deadlock? That is the question!

Why such a big deal? What excitement, what commotion and fuss - over a single hour of one day in our life!

Is marriage much ado about nothing - or something much to do about everything?

Why do people still get married as they have been since times immemorial? Why, if half later get divorced?

All around the world, from the lost tribes in the remotest jungles to the concrete centers of capitalistic cultures in the great cities, people have always wanted romance and a wedding. Many love the public commitment of a wedding, others have fought marriage and still others avoided getting married; yet no society has ever been able to eliminate this public commitment from happening. Why?

Where did marriage come from - and where is it going?

If you read on you may be surprised to find out - some interesting things about weddings and marriage.